House On The Word (HOTW)

House On The Word (HOTW) is a Spirit-Led Word Centered Worshipping Church Family with a Global Focus located in West Houston, Texas. House On The Word also hosts and produces SHABACH - An annual life transforming worship experience in the Houston area.

 FASTING & prayer

Corporate Prayer December 2017 .jpg

House on the Word will embark on a Corporate Fasting and Prayer from Friday, December 1st through Thursday, December 7th. Prayers will hold daily in church at 7 PM on Monday, December 4th  through Wednesday, December 6th. 

Please pray along using the prayer points below. May we all enjoy Open Heavens this season as we wait upon The Lord.


  • Pray that we would fulfill our purposes in life and God's promises would come to pass speedily in our lives. Jeremiah 29:10-12;2, 2 Chronicles 20:20
  • Thank God for His hands upon House on the Word. Nehemiah 2:8
  • Thank God for preserving our lives. Psalm 121:7-8
  • Thank God for pastorate and their ministerial assignments. Matthew 12:18
  •  May we love Him afresh with all our hearts, soul and strength. Jeremiah 33:3; Matthew 7:7; Matthew 22:37-40
  • Pray that God would help us to be more committed to Him than ever before and to produce fruits that would abide unto God’s glory. John 15:16
  • Pray that God will preserve us and straighten every crooked ways. Isaiah 45:2,3,14
  • Pray that the presence of God will go with us and abide with us. Exodus 33:15
  • " For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better". Philippians1:20-21

  • Let's pray that God should cause all House On The Word members to see like Paul saw the need for aggressive evangelism.

  • Let's pray that God should cause us to see the burden behind this verse of scripture and receive a challenge for resourceful evangelism (Romans 1:14-17)

  • Lets pray that God should cause every member of House On The Word to know that the goal of evangelism is heaven and to strive to reach out to unbelievers, with the aim of realizing this goal in Jesus name.

  • Let's pray that God Should give us apostolic passion for souls, and cause us to have the mind of Christ for the sinners around us.(Acts 6:2-4).

  • Pray that God should cause all House On The Word members to fulfill the purpose of Pentecost; preaching Christ with boldness (Acts 4:31).

  • Pray that God should supply us with all things that make soul winning easy and encouraging.

  • Pray that money shall not be a barrier to fruitful outreaches in the Church. 

  • Let's pray that God should bless our people mightily so as to enable them donate generously for the furtherance of the Gospel to all nations (Acts 4:31-37)

  • Jesus is coming soon! Let those still on the fence decide for Christ now. Let those who have decided rededicate themselves, casting off weights that burden and the sins that easily beset. The Lord is near.

  • Pray concerning the New House on The Word church building. This is an ongoing prayer till the project is complete. 

  • Pray concerning the Children's Ministry. Pray for more grace for the teachers to instill truth and the word into these kids hearts. That the children will be fruitful in God's kingdom. 


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