House On The Word (HOTW)

House On The Word (HOTW) is a Spirit-Led Word Centered Worshipping Church Family with a Global Focus located in West Houston, Texas. House On The Word also hosts and produces SHABACH - An annual life transforming worship experience in the Houston area.

Corporate Fasting December 2016

As we thankfully approach the end of the year 2016 and in anticipation of the year 2017, you are encouraged to participate in this prayer and fasting sessions. We will be waiting on the Lord from December 27th through December 29th 2016 thanking Him for and committing our 2017 into His hands

We will gather in church to pray on the December 27th and 28th from 7pm-8pm.

Prayer Points

  •  Pray that we would fulfill our purposes in life and all the promises and prophecies for this year would come to pass speedily in our lives this year. Jeremiah 29:10-12; 2 Chronicle 20:20 
  • Thank God for His hands upon HOTW. Nehemiah 2.8
  • Thank God for preserving our lives. Psalm 121:7-8
  • Thank God for pastorate and their ministerial assignments. Matthew 12:18
  •  May we love Him afresh with all our hearts, soul and strength. Jeremiah 33:3; Matthew. 7:7; Matthew 22:37-40
  • Pray that God would help us to be more committed to Him than ever before and to produce fruits that would abide unto God’s glory. John 15:16
  • Ask God to make us great in serving HIM, and destroy completely every obstacle to our greatness. 1 Chronicle 29:10-12
  • Ask God to give us the kind of greatness that has no ‘BUTs’ attached. 2 Kings 5:1; 3 Jn. 2

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