House On The Word (HOTW)

House On The Word (HOTW) is a Spirit-Led Word Centered Worshipping Church Family with a Global Focus located in West Houston, Texas. House On The Word also hosts and produces SHABACH - An annual life transforming worship experience in the Houston area.


As we come together waiting on God and seeking His face, it is our prayer that God Himself will visit us in an unusual manner. The prayer meeting will be from 7pm to 8pm on each day.

Listed below are the prayer points.


Day 1 - Monday: Psalm. 122:1-9

  • As we celebrate the 16th anniversary, pray for HOTW Pastorate and ministers for special grace and anointing to carry out the task of shepherding the congregation. Pray for more grace and anointing upon the ministers and workers in the house. 

  • Thank God for answered prayers of members to date.

  • Let's  pray that God would fulfill all His good promises and prophecies concerning this year of divine fulfillment of HIS purpose in Jesus name. 

Day 2 - Tuesday (Jeremiah. 33:3; Matthew. 7:7; Matthew. 22:37-40 )

  • Let's ask for a deeper relationship with Him and pray to God to help us to truly love Him afresh with all our hearts, soul and strength. 

Day 3 - Wednesday: (John. 15:16 )

  • We pray for total commitment from His people  more than ever before and to produce fruits that would abide unto God’s glory. 

Day 4 Thursday: ( 1 Chronicles 29:10-12 )

  • Let God remove everything retarding the progress of HIS assignment at HOTW and in our lives.

  • Ask God to make us great according to His divine plans for us.

Day 5 Friday: (2 Kings 5:1; 3 John. 2 )

  • Let's pray for completeness without anything missing .

  • May God make us distinct in Jesus Name

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